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Bites of me

Looking back at my childhood, I see a kid playing with miniatures of furniture and dolls. My parents asked me, “Alessia, what are you playing with?” to which I replied, “I’m planning the scenery. Can’t you see the tape on the floor? It helps me to divide and organize the space”.

The world of theatre and performing arts has always fascinated me. The magic and surreal world of performing arts have enchanted me since I was young. At 18, I decided to pursue a career in set design, enjoying working with textiles, wood, steel, wigs, costumes, and machines. I appreciate the human touch that handmade work provides, even if imperfect, as it makes it real and adds a melancholic atmosphere to the opera.

After obtaining a bachelor's in Scenic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts – BRERA – in Milan, I moved to LA to study film, and since then, I have worked on narrative projects, music videos, and commercials.

My passion is production design, in all its branches, as it can create something magical and metaphorically captivating through images, colors, and shapes. When working on stage, I put in much effort and strive to do my best. I am always eager to learn and acquire new skills.

My experience in the US has enriched me as a professional and a person. Los Angeles is a city where different backgrounds and cultures can mix, explore various subjects, and create operas that can reach anyone.


Academy of Fine Arts, BRERA – Milan, Italy

Bachelor in Scenography

10/2010 – 04/2014

The Los Angeles Film School – Hollywood, CA

Associate of science, Film

03/2015 – 10/2016

From the moment Alessia signed on to be the Production Designer of, THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE TRUNK. , she was a relentless creative energy and problem solver. Her deep understanding of story allows for the most compelling character and world building I’ve witnessed, and she does so with very little.

Daniel J. Egbert, Writer & Director

Alessia Madau is a highly skilled and creative designer. She is my go-to professional anytime I have a film project. Her passion, expertise, wisdom, and creativity are above reproach.

Her positive attitude is infectious, and she brings anyone under her charge up to her level.

THE HEBREW HAMMER 2 crowdfunding film

Levi Grear, Writer/Director/Producer

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